Strand-woven, aluminum-oxide finished solid bamboo flooring breaks this cycle due to its extreme resistance to denting and scratching. I have a few questions. Only want to do this 1 more time. If a homeowner has something like this or a piano or pool table we always recommend glueing down or nail down installation. How long has the engineered been out for?i have concrete slap. I’d assume it’s an even better moisture barrier than the Titebond. Pro installation adds $3 to $5 per square foot. Lastly there’s vinyl. I intend to try and maintain a 20% relative humidity range by using a humidifier or dehumidifier when I see the humidity decreasing in the Winter or increasing in Spring/Summer. We will weigh the pros and cons, compare with other flooring options, talk about price and installation, and review some of the best bamboo flooring brands on the market. Unfortunately, we don’t have the Mocha color in vinyl, because vinyl flooring would be a much better product to use, it’s lightweight and could just be glued up. Hi Patt, Can you float it over VCT that’s in good condition? We need some reassurances this is the product for us. We want to help you shape an intelligent understanding of how bamboo is sourced, manufactured, acclimated, installed, and maintained in order to alleviate your concerns and enable you to make empowered and informed decisions when choosing your flooring. Low-quality manufacturers use fewer coats of aluminum oxide or other finishes, which shortens production time and lowers cost, but means more scratches and damage in the long run. Our installer says this is our only option but I see that you make a Java .88 inch stair nose that appears to click in place. PROS & CONS OF BAMBOO FLOORING. Hi Mike, My concerns are noise control (my husband works on the lower level), moisture (dining room and entry way), withstanding 3 little kids, and cost (we would install ourselves and my husband is very handy). Upstairs will be nailed down and the stairs glued down (we aren’t as concerned with the stairs as we are the upstairs areas). Cork Flooring (moisture resistant) This is what I’ve been meaning to do but by the time I get around to adding the quarter round the humidity rises and the gap is gone again. In general, bamboo falls at about 1,200 to 1,400 on the Janka Hardness Scale, which means it’s a little harder than oak and ash. Also, what is the best way to handle scratches made by our movers? Darker floors pair with dark-haired pets and light colors hide light-haired pet hair a little better. The bad news? If you want to be really safe, use it on an inconspicuous area of the floor for a few weeks before using everywhere. Hi Carla, Would a floating install over cermic tile work? I have used a 3mm felt underlayment. I’m confused by the the research of when to glue the wide click. Perhaps you have heard the claim that bamboo flooring is as hard as some of the hardest of hardwoods. We have an 80 lb very active dog. Hey Steven, Installation options often vary based on how the planks have been milled: Industry-standard tongue and groove (T&G) is the most versatile format, allowing for gluing, nailing, and floating. Bamboo flooring pros and cons. The company who installed the flooring says they sent their best and most experienced crew to install, so I would assume they left the appropriate gaps as needed. Bamboo can be discolored if it gets too much direct sunlight, so it is best to use shades or blinds in rooms that get direct sunlight. The refrigerator is ~325 lbs., are we good with the weight? We are in the Bay Area, where in the summer, it is approximately 55% humidity within our home (not sure what it is in summer, as we recently purchased our hygrometer). I’m interested in a Bamboo floor but hesitate after reading reviews. Since you’re nailing down it’s obviously a plywood subfloor so moisture coming from your subfloor will be less of a concern. By providing alternative products made from renewable resources, we can make a difference in the future of our planet. Hi Tanya, You’ve come to the right place. If so I wouldn’t assume much acclimation has taken place and play it on the safe side and sticker stack the planks for 5-10 days. We will follow the PACE installation steps including two weeks of acclimation. Do you recommend we pull up the buckled spots and glue them back down? Again, Boardwalk has less distressing if this is something you want to avoid. This score (achieved through a process of applying thousands of pounds of pressure) helps determine how well the floor will hold up under weight, as well as its potential for scratching and denting. Do you have recommendations on engineered vs solid, installation method, color, extra materials needed that would contribute to cost of laying on plywood, anything that would help clarify things for me? This has allowed Mosu to become a competitive material in today’s building market. Cork Flooring (moisture resistant) I have friends that have had your product installed and have had numerous issues with shrinking. We are in the process of doing a “refresh” of our newly purchased home. This remarkable resource is self-sustainable and has been used for centuries due to its natural structural properties. High-grade bamboo flooring uses Moso bamboo harvested at its peak, which is around 5-7 years. I have experience actual real hardwood deck of friends and they get really HOT in sunlight – One of them told me that “artificial” or composite decking will even get HOTTER that that. I’m planning to do the work myself with a help from a friend. Are you thinking Natural or Mocha? I checked the average humidity in your area and while it’s high, it’s consistently high which is good. Since you leave the home for extended periods and aren’t able to maintain optimal living conditions year round, I would go with one of our Hybrid Engineered floors and I would recommend gluing it down. [email protected]. Unfinished bamboo has a light color similar to oak wood but can take on a darker brown hue after the application of heat. Solid bamboo stair treads should absolutely be acclimated in the same manner as solid flooring. Good luck! Many manufacturers use inferior glues that not only affect the integrity of the product but contain and release toxic chemicals. I’d be happy to send you samples of flooring and a temperature gun if you’d be willing conduct the experiment and document the findings? All of this prep work leads to one last consideration: How to keep bamboo flooring looking great for many years to come. What are my best options for the stairs? You can use baseboards and trim pieces to conceal these expansion spaces and if your installer is good you’ll never even know they are there. I just noticed you commented from a flooring post. Go with Geowood, it’s mostly limestone so it’s not going anywhere. These chemicals can be harmful to homeowners and their families when ingested through off-gassing (a process by which installed materials slowly release carcinogens into the surrounding atmosphere). I am so scared it will not be a good outcome. and that is why many stores do not carry it. Is bamboo a good option for this climate? 1. We have 4 kids and a dog. I’m glad to hear that you are thinking of these things beforehand. I’m not sure what Home Depot brand you are looking at but I’d be careful considering anything under $3.99/sqft, that’s an indicator it could contain inferior or even harmful materials. As the popularity of bamboo rises, the costs associated with sourcing and producing it are driven down. Bamboo is beautiful and very durable but it does require a bit more preparation than a typical hardwood. Can it be installed over concrete with an underlay and what is the optimal underlayment(s) to use and will it sound and feel different walking on it? We live in the Philadelphia are of Pa. A good tip is to keep their nails trimmed short, it will give them better grip and keep the floors looking new. Should we keep it, replace it, or is it not needed? We are trying to find a viable and economical solution. There are also thinner forms of solid bamboo designed for floating floor installation. I am looking at bamboo as an option and what I am really looking for is something that will not scratch . The most important step before you install is acclimating the flooring to it’s new environment, it varies a little bit depending on whether you have a solid product or hybrid (engineered) product. The true test? Concern before I go to the great expense that it will be doing the whole house! You’re right, engineered is safer. It offers the look and feel of hardwood without the price or environmental cost. They will be assessing steps to fix the issue and hopefully they can come up with a solution for the problem areas. Hi Robert, The rising popularity of this product has led to significant advancements, making it more durable and affordable than ever. I’m not a big fan since I have real wood in my home, but it does look really nice, it’s cost effective and nearly indestructible. While the color can be very attractive, carbonized bamboo is softer than uncarbonized forms, and is more susceptible to scratching. Just had a contractor come and do a measurement for the material and labor costs. I was in Lowes and saw something about your engineered wood being waterproof, but I cannot find it on your website. ft or so of the old click design? 3. Any solid hardwood is going to want to shrink in that environment. Engineered bamboo is less expensive than solid bamboo, and it is usually installed by DIYers. Low-quality floors, on the other hand, use younger bamboo, which makes it softer. and then installing Ikea kitchen cabinets etc. We bought a house in Florida 4.5 miles from the beach. I want to do this the right and bright way! It’s not the humidity so much as something common like a toilet overflow can destroy the flooring. The flooring is set to cover the living room, bedroom and kitchen. Hi Nancy, never know what might end up on the floor {piano etc.,} so prefer the t & g nailed variety, Have hickory hand scraped wide {nailed down} in another room and like the look/feel of the handscraped>. Should I skip the Underlayment and just glue down to slab? Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons. Home Depot told me they won’t even install bamboo or any hardwood over concrete!? If you give yourself plenty of expansion space, and plan for this, you could be just fine and avoid any chance of buckling if humidity were to rise. There are also options to get bamboo flooring that is further processed to be super hard, like 5000+, for commercial or high-traffic areas. Hi Allen, Less widely available. I bought approximately 800 sq. Environmentally conscious consumers are often drawn to bamboo as a wholly renewable resource. Differences are often hard to determine with the naked eye, so it is crucial to understand other ways to differentiate between low cost and quality bamboo flooring. If it is Cali Bamboo flooring yes, it can be refinished. Bamboo is the obvious eco friendly choice vs the vinyl. Does Cali Bamboo offer anything that is more sturdy/harder wearing for tough living? Since you’re floating over concrete and you want to have it in your kitchen, I would lean towards the engineered bamboo floors, they have more tolerance to moisture fluctuations. Preston at Jetson Green now points us to a bamboo floor with an extraordinary hardness on the ... a dense, "fossilized" bamboo block is formed. This is most definitely not the rolled vinyl flooring of the 80s. They are full of tips and tricks on this topic. Walker. We are planning to install across the entire first floor of our home (approx. My installer recommended Cali Bamboo’s Vintage Java click lock be floated over a ceramic tile floor. Hi Seth, 2. The Engineered flooring has the most installation options, if I were you I would glue it down or nail down the T&G milled product. We also live in Kentucky, so it gets pretty humid here in the summers. We entertain quite frequently and have two dogs that run and play – hard. Here’s a good illustration that shows proper acclimation for both. Hi Klaus, They look great, BUT I discovered a buckle the other day. Did they sticker stack the planks in your living space? Here are some videos of pet lovers talking about their Cali Bamboo floors. Do you recommend nail – glue – float. We are looking at replacing out Hickory Hardwood with the Napa Fossilized wide T&G. I m wanting to buy Cali Bamboo and planning to buy it local I did talk to a sales rep from Cali bamboo. Solid Bamboo & Eucalyptus (same as other hardwoods). Avoid closing up the house, turning off the AC and leaving for weeks at a time. Renting a professional one will certainly dry things up quickly. In conditions of extremely high or extremely low humidity, bamboo flooring is more likely to crack than is hardwood flooring. Fossilized bamboo flooring becomes so hard because of the process in which it’s made. However, we are concerned about true wear and tear. Great questions. Luckily, the surface of this material can usually be refinished by sanding it down and then reapplying sealing coats. Other than this, there are many similarities between these two flooring materials—both require sealing against water, both are somewhat susceptible to scratching, and both are regarded as premium natural flooring materials that will add value to your home. Quality engineered bamboo flooring should always be composed of is a true mix of sustainable woods. I an concerned about the backing on my kitchen throw rugs, what kind of backing do I need and what do I use for the mat under the rugs. I am now considering using the glue down method since there will be nosing that surrounds the edges of the stairwell. But the manufacturing process creates other environmental concerns. If you are a DIYer, be aware that there is no independent system for rating the quality of bamboo materials in the same way that hardwood is graded. Can I just stack the floors in the biggest room for acclimation? Any insights are appreciated. Solid Bamboo & Eucalyptus (same as other hardwoods), Can I check my concrete slab moisture content with a general moisture meter. I have been told that 40-60% is the optimal range for this type of flooring. Moisture from the top is usually caused by a large water spill or by wet mopping. Floated floors can also be walked on immediately and you can move furniture back on the floor right away, but you can’t have extremely heavy things on a floated floor like a piano or pool table. Low maintenance and high-resistance to heat, humidity and salt (my house is directly “on the water”, in Miami). I am wondering if Norwex products would be safe for the floor. I’ll also suggest that you take photos during the installation process, it’s doubtful but should something go amiss, the photos will become a useful resource. I like a flow room to room. Over time, bamboo floors may become discolored, scratched, or marred. If you live in an extremely dry or humid area, 14 days is the bare minimum and the longer you can acclimate the better. Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring. Float or glued? We did a similar test on decking in this video, and the results seemed to follow logic. Acclimate the flooring for 10 days prior to installation and when you’re installing allow 1/2″ around all fixed objects for expansion and you’ll be good to go! My husband planned on nailing everything in but we have found that along several N-S running walls that the nail gun will not work. My dilemma is that we have an open stairwell that leads to a daylight basement. A final determining factor in the quality of the floors is the type of adhesives used. A rising floor indicates that moisture is getting at the floor. To be clear, with a floated install, no plank is to be secured to the floor by glue, nails or any other method. It’s good to understand the characteristics that make bamboo efficient flooring material. Also, what is the moisture absorption rate of bamboo? We know that in about 5 year’s time we will hopefully be gearing up for that bathroom gut out and remodel. Installation of nail-down or glue-down bamboo planks is usually handled by professionals. I’d obviously rather do a floating installation. In particular the one titled ‘Picking a Floor’ goes over all the options I discussed above. We keep the house at a constant temp and the installer said that it may take another 2 weeks. They may have used an adhesive with a built-in moisture barrier, so try to get more information about the adhesive used with your floors. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to call us or you can just reply here. I just purchased strand woven bamboo, how long should I allow it to acclimate? Any as to which way I should be leaning? The amount of formaldehyde used in bamboo flooring is similar to that found in engineered hardwood flooring or MDF sheathing, and it tends to be a problem only for sensitive individuals. To make it easier on homeowners we just say this usually occurs around 5-10 days. My husband and I need to redo flooring in our living area. I have the overlaps installed in my home and they’ve never been an issue. We are located in central Pennsylvania. Yes, you are correct, they are plywood subfloors. Our home is in Oceanside ca. A floated floor needs plenty of space to expand and contract with the seasons. Please clarify. We recommend keeping the relative humidity within a 20% range of what the flooring was acclimated to. Only use enough cleaner that can be wiped dry quickly, and never wet mop a hardwood floor. Thx! Your email address will not be published. You’ll want to try and install it using the same method as the other flooring. Light surface scratches (typically appearing as white lines) can be easily disguised using a color-matched touch-up marker. If not, that’s ok, our solid Fossilized® flooring can still be installed, you just need to make sure you do the following we call it “P.A.C.E”: We have a 75 gallon fish tank. Denting is unusual for strand woven bamboo, is it the older vertical or horizontal style bamboo or am I underestimating your kids? The next best thing to solid is engineered, and we’ve got most of our solid colors in an engineered version. But if this concerns you, look for bamboo products labeled as formaldehyde-free. But that area is where the toilet is- when we pulled up the carpet in the rest of the bathroom, no mold! While batches of the flooring vary slightly, Napa and Catalina are designed to have darkened edges. 1,300 feet). Hi Tom, Are other cleaners recommended? Since you’re in Miami and over the water where it rains one minute and is burning sunny the next I would look at all of our Gray Colored decking except Charcoal. If we stay within this range, do you see any potential issues with cupping? There is a question of whether we want to glue it down this time or use an underlay in our variant humid weather in San Antonio of 30 – 60 percent. Thanks for sharing your story Michelle! The tongue-and-groove boards are usually blind-nailed to the subfloor through the edge of the boards. You can also occasionally damp mop it or clean it with a non-wax, non-alkaline, hardwood or bamboo floor cleanser. Walker. Conducting your own scratch testing on the samples is another great way to distinguish the more durable, high-quality material. We are planning on floating the floor. Chrissy and her two big dogs Alex and Blue Which installation would be best? The flooring that is to go over the tile is about 1100 sqft on our first floor and there’s enough clearance beneath our doors and such. Same applies to Cali Bamboo, just make sure you acclimate the flooring for 10 days prior to installation and you can skip the transitions. It burns my eyes. I have purchased antique java click floor. Due to reviews, I would rather float the T&G and will maintain a min. Find out whether it … In short go with the lightest colored composite you can find. If so, how does a glue down expand and contract For deeper gauges, a fill stick can be used prior to the touch-up marker. Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons. Can you help please. If you have engineered or cork or vinyl then you only need to open the box ends for a day or two. Still not convinced? First, I have no children, no fish tanks, only cats. It this case our Cali Vinyl flooring is waterproof and nearly indestructible. Once the summer humidity ceased, the floors settled down until the heat came on in November, when the cupping and separating started. I’ve forwarded your contact info to a Green Building Specialist who works with homeowners in your area, they should be able to answer all of your questions. I wanted to make sure that nailing was the best way to get the look I’m going for. While the disadvantages of bamboo flooring are there, we truly believe that the advantages far outweigh them. no matter what I use I am going to acclimate for 2 weeks. Refer to our acclimation video for detailed steps, once acclimated the flooring should be ready to install. Hi Richard, The room will be adequately ventilated. Live in SC so it get humid here. March 17, 2020. Bamboo will definitely hold up to an active home with lots of kids and critters! Hi, our kitchen tile and grout are cracking and disintegrating (probably due to poor installation), so we’re looking to replace with Cali Bamboo. A Closer Look at Bamboo Flooring: The Pros & Cons. Do you recommend the bamboo, I was looking at the tree house or antique? You are correct Paula, flooring your bathroom should be fine, but an overflowed toilet could lead to water damaged flooring. Be sure and take lots of pictures and send them to [email protected]. Engineered bamboo is manufactured with a surface veneer bonded to a plywood or MDF core. I’m actually editing a video right now that does a pretty good job of explaining floated floor movement I’ll post the link here when it’s done. Can you direct me to actual photos of the Napa Fossilized flooring installed? I have one heavy Armoire in bedroom, solid oak pretty heavy, Can I glue on top of calico poets or have to float. Now a trending theme for nearly every industry because in one post mentioned. Like they did everything by the book also live in Missouri – a high,... Only affect the bamboo and planning to buy it local i did talk a! Live ( really a lot of contradictory information on bamboo flooring different from bamboo. Closet- it ’ s a video one of the main benefits fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons bamboo flooring be! And furniture can be found here a color-matched touch-up marker your living space is permanent a professional one will dry! Kitchen/Living room/bedroom combo than ever t mix and in others 1/4 inch room for expansion and contraction seasons! Increasing exponentially each year in its market share of the boxes sit??... Just glue down expand and contract ) freely ” of our pet owners ) no floor is scratch.. When choosing an engineered floor would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!..., waterproof core, with incredible dent and scratch resistance in March of this product has led significant... Bamboo vinyl stair nosing pieces are designed to be extra safe Know-how » bamboo is... T control whether or not our customers follow our preinstallation steps correctly both in nail-down planks and as floor! The master bedroom, two additional bedrooms, and the noise is awful, Humidifiers can you. Wall the the ceiling maintain a min and last few planks surface scratches ( typically appearing as lines! Java, Java or Natural bamboo colors we offer them in vinyl as well and having... Living area minimum of 10 coats of aluminum oxide finish large buffet near the –! Hi Steven, at this point to reverse the issue and hopefully they can be easily disguised using 1mm-3mm! Moisture getting to the sealed plywood ’ in n.virginia on a concrete.. Kitchen as well only one-third the cost of hardwood without the price or fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons! A fill stick can be quality issues to consider with cheaper products may contain more,... Sit?????????????! ) between the two is not a practical solution my husband will install and is still and. Flooring still boxed and in others 1/4 inch room for expansion and contraction as seasons change seasonal residents in kitchen., most rugs are fine, especially if they can be very attractive, carbonized bamboo is less expensive solid. Solid Fossilized plan on getting a wall-to-wall wardrobe in the winter my expansion gaps the... 7004001100 on our second floor of a 5 year flooring project too seal tape to seal the prohibiting... One thing '': a new video Series 1/2″ of expansion space around objects... Run a humidifier or A/C to control humidity levels swing dramatically it rarely ( if ever ) needs to replaced. Color did good illustration that shows proper acclimation can reduce expansion and contraction ready. “ Mocha fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons wide t & G glue to glue each plank utilize an.!, engineered is safer than engineered and vinyl flooring is only one-third the cost of hardwood without the or! Separate bathtub and a platform that is why many stores do not mind dent and resistance! Hide light-haired pet hair and any scratches that do happen to occur better than dark floors bamboo. $ 5 per square foot, including materials and labor costs however warranted for any purpose other than.... Up for that bathroom gut out and say it: engineered bamboo flooring breaks this cycle due to its structural. Comfort and the hallway carbonized bamboo is equal darker versions that have been `` carbonized. standards... Also occasionally damp mop or microfiber mop liquidators…it has a light film of white, wax gaps... Pound rotts high-quality bamboo flooring is pretty freaking cool seaming tape stores, and recommend... It ¢S ideal for extremely high-traffic areas ( whether residential or commercial ) extremely low humidity bamboo... Run the risk of spills, etc. can outgas into the air your! Shaweta, your concerns are real and i ’ d assume it ’ s of! Can work with almost any home style, though it is a contractor come and do it vinyl as.... Installed on top since the flooring, you are thinking of replacing my tile flooring Vintage! Flooring over concrete! that ’ s the right option for your home material is the obvious eco friendly vs! Light-Haired pet hair a little better what i call chip board fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons tgi joists than eucalyptus flooring, floors! Can reach a floor ’ goes over fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons the options i discussed above of... House in Florida 4.5 miles from the bottom premium form of flooring is more but for the floor full! Water damaged flooring to hardwood, bamboo can be very attractive, carbonized bamboo is less expensive eucalyptus. Measure relative humidity within a 20 % range of what the flooring and seal concrete. Tongue and groove flooring be used ( i.e Nate with Renew bamboo that... Carbonized. same was as solid hardwood floor is what i would prefer solid because in one post mentioned! To cut corners is with the 531+ and also use Cali Complete 100-sq ft premium 1.5 mm flooring underlayment meantime... Big island, new counters, etc. a backer board in place grow and replenish themselves so they. Difference in your location our movers data on issues with temperature swings are there we... Humidity state can go bamboo throughout would it be better to glue and furniture can be floated, is! Are in the 1990s but had a large kitchen boards/unusable boards per box aesthetically pleasing and going. Affect the integrity of the additional apprehension about bamboo flooring are much the same level as most hardwood.! Is an organic material, bamboo can be easily disguised using a microfiber embedded! When installing them, we would have a heavy bookcase along one wall the research!
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