Fixed that and tried charging again but still no dice. Do I need also a resistor (180 Ohm)? The battery replace did work! That could be the only reason why the Lumea is not recognizing the adapter. 3.7v like the old ones, and 8.5Wh. As a girl fixing this and having never soldered before it was tricky and some trial and error but all worthwhile in the end. Sorry but I didn’t see your answer either… I kept the fuse and resistor and everything went OK. It’s working smoothly., What model Lumea do you have? Once you opened the Lumea you can’t take out the battery pack yet, first, you will have to disconnect to PCM (protection circuit module) wire from the circuit board. The batteries may come pre-charged, so keep the covers on the positive side tabs until you are going to solder it. Thanks – Binu, Hi Rudy – thanks for the post. And the so on.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Structure your Teams Meeting with Decisions, Install Unifi Controller on a Raspberry Pi, 2 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery UR18650W 3.7 1500mAh batteries. First, reconnect the black and white PCM wire, then the red wire, and last the black one. Next, we need to reconnect the PCM wire, just simply solder the white and black where to the negative side of the batteries. Futile Sydney Surrounds, NSW. Is that normal? Please help me with this. For those of you who are reporting that the device charges and switches on, but does not fire – I had this as well. I like to share 2 additions, maybe you can add it to you tutorial. 8 reviews; 23 likes; Lumea Precision Plus SC2003; Battery not charging. Philips Lumea Comfort uses an innovative light-based technology called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), derived from the technology used in professional beauty salons. However, Braun is a little quicker between flashes. After a few treatments, it prevents the hair from growing back. unfortunately I destroyd the smal black fuse ;–( . Can you tell me where it goes please? I didn’t repair this myself but took it to an electronics repair shop. But when i did, the lumea came back to life and was superfast! You are over-using your Lumea. As with other IPL based treatments, Philips Lumea cannot be used to treat white / grey, light blonde or red hair and is not suitable for very dark skin. when i plug it in to either of two (tested) chargers, the battery light doesn’t flash (which it should) and the lumea still works (which it shouldn’t when charging)). 1. It could work. I have fair skin and fairly light brown hair and I’d describe the sensation as a warm zap, but in no way painful or ‘uncomfortable’ as they like to say! Hi Rudy, thanks for replying so quickly! Hello smooth with powerful IPL. Hair then falls out naturally and regrowth is slowed, and then totally prevented after a few uses. So yes, really connect the wires, using the Lumea without it is not save. Philips Lumea is also NOT suitable for very dark skin. I thought perhaps only one of the batteries was trying to charge – but from what you have said it is not that. UNLIMITED FLASHES. Also i always take pictures when i take things apart. Disclaimer: The information in the post is provided as is. Not only are these expensive, but it also means visiting the salon or clinic several times. I trust the Philips Lumea. So, no need to worry about ever running out. sounds more like an resistor. Many thanks again! We advise you to always . Ask a question about Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL in IPL Machines. Not all the models have the resistor, but I marked it red in the picture of Ana: Results. Maybe you can think of anything else i overlooked? My battery is exactly the same you described. Hi Rudy, I have the same problem with my Lumea SC2006/11, can you send me a UK link for the batteries please? And although fairly large and weighty, the ergonomic gun-shape is easy to manoeuvre, intuitive to position and very comfortable to hold. Could it be a heat Sensor, to protect the batteries? I found the same type on ebay, but with higher amperage: Sanyo 18650 FM / ZY 2600mAh 3.7v Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Tabs Tags Tagged. The best thing to do is shave the day before you get zapping, or the morning of, so that you’re silky smooth ahead of the session. I PUT THIS BATTERIE AND MY LUMEA WORKING WITHOUT SHUTDOWN. Any idea why it is behaving like this? 8. You are over-using your Lumea. Mine was damaged and it is not possible to measure resistance. I am not an electronics expert, so I have no idea which fuse we are talking about and with what you need to replace it. Aware of the effectiveness of salon light therapies (also known as photo-epilation), they were keen to explore the potential of adapting it for home use. I was a little confused with attaching the new battery’s pictures and ended up connecting both side + and – to each other resulting in a burning experience (should have known this though). Although with the more delicate area do not use two light flashes on the same place as this can hurt and you do not need to do this anyway. What would you advice to do? I pulled it apart a few times, charged the battery for a while according to the description here and it worked (for a short period), so then thought to try and charge it the normal way – but nada. Maybe you can help me. Best wishes. You know, the ones after which your skin feels rough and turns red. It took me 4 complete cicles and charger disconections to get the Lumea working properly. And although fairly large and weighty, the ergonomic gun-shape is easy to manoeuvre, intuitive to position and very comfortable to hold. LT3650-8.4 integrated circuit datasheet: Page 27: Warranty And Support (2006/66/EC). The batteries in my wife lumea were 4.2 Volts, which are no where to be found! Hello, excuse my English since I use a translator. If your Philips Lumea Prestige is not fully charged when you start a treatment, the battery will run out during a full body treatment. Thank you for sharing your query here about your Lumea on Product Review. Thanks for the quidance on this problem. Hi, Having a product to use at home is far more convenient. The machine still works however it won’t charge anymore. Any idea why it is behaving like this? It is important to know that information. 7. This is a resistor that will get less resistance the higher the temperature. You can try buying these batteries as well (if its not too costly) I’m using original charger 8,5V 1,2A – but true is 14V 1,96A. I am trying to fix my machine and a little nervous☺️. in your step 2 and 3 you draw the bottom side of the batteries together, this is to my opinion wrong only the top of the batteries (+ of 1 and – from 2) should be joint together. Be sure to make good skin contact to avoid unnecessary scattered light and never use Lumea in the area around your eyes or for treating your eyebrows. is it worth a try doing that way. Thanks so much for your help, Philips technical service simply doesn’t take care of it. After the first few treatments, the impatient ones amongst us may be disappointed as you may not see much of a difference, but after the three month mark, you will start to notice that a lot of your body hair is not growing back. I did exactly that! I also made a lot of pictures during the process of opening of the device. To be honest, who doesn’t want to be hair free? Philips Lumea Prestige IPL machine works effectively, easily and safely on a wide variety of hair and skin types. What kind of part is this? Simply put the spring around this small stick and assemble the device. If you read the other comments you will noticed that it’s one of the most common mistakes. I any case, thank you so much for all your help. In short, this means you get over 200 full-body treatments, for 15 years of monthly treatments. The PCM will protect your batteries from overcharging. There are lots of options out there, but there’s something about the Philips Lumea that I hand on heart, just love. Highly effective and suitable for a range of hair and skin colours, these are systems that will last for five to ten years and use the latest technology. I installed the new batteries and tested it – everything was working fine. I mean the smal black piece whitch ist glued between the Batteries and is solded on the Black thin wire whitch connect the negative pole of the battery to the PCM. If you wait for enough time to cool it, the device runs again for few trigger (as you said, 8-9 times) again after powering on. Skin safety Philips Lumea works effectively on (naturally) dark blonde, brown and black hairs, however it is NOT effective on red, light-blonde or white/grey hair. It looks that they are charging fine. Subscribe to receive the latest musings of a Fashion Mumblr straight to your inbox. Adjusts each flash to your skin tone for non-stop no-faff sessions. Although the Philips Lumea can be used without a cord, we wouldn’t recommend it for high-intensity treatments as the time between flashes … With corded devices, you’ll never have to worry about running out of juice! It’s just so darn convenient! The device works best when the contrast between your darker hair and lighter skin is greatest, and while the Philips Lumea is designed to work on darker skin tones too, it’s always safest to wait. I hate spam to, so you can unsubscribe at any time. Also tried another (new) charger at 9v and 2A, but same thing. This device is compatible with a variety of hair and skin types and features a Skin Tone sensor to ensure safe application. The zapper, battery and four heads for different body parts. Thank you for your reply. Yes I saw your article while I was looking for a solution. I did everything as you described. In the comments one said it is a 10K Ohm with 3380 NTC ? I pulled the unit apart and checked the battery. We regret hearing that the Lumea stopped flashing while you were using it, and we would like to look into this for you. Thanks, Robert, have not found out what the problem is. He is using a different type of batteries then original, that’s why he needs another type of charger. For good measure i ordered some Panasonic UR18650AA 2050Mah’s which got the lumea running again. For the new battery pack, we need to solder a positive and negative side to each other. IPL needs contrast between the pigment in the hair color and the pigment in the skin tone, therefore (as with other IPL-based treatments) Lumea cannot be used to treat white, grey, light blonde or red hair. Claude. battery will run out during a full body treatment. The flashes last for 15+ years of monthly full body sessions. Rudd, When you take out the inner part of the Lumea, there is a small power jack for the adapter at the bottom. My legs felt smoother and I could go far longer without shaving my underarms, and over time it just kept on getting better. It will also say on it what voltage and amps it produces. Hi, The Philips Lumea Prestige is essentially the Cadillac of the home laser hair removal world. So hopefully this should intrinsically protect the batteries from discharging too much. THS2 Reassemble the cover, starting at 4 and work you way up to number 1. Is it a simple resistor 10K Ohm ? It is miles ahead of the competition.Before, the majority of men and women had laser hair removal done in salons and clinics. MNHQ. “From the moment you get it out of the box you know it’s quality.” The Philips Lumea Prestige uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) .It slows and reduces hair regrowth after each treatment. Well done. Good to here Philips came up with a solution that worked for you. Use it at your own risk. With the Lumea’s 5 settings, you can adjust the strength to where you feel comfortable. We need the PCM wire for the new battery pack, so first, you need to desolder the wire from the old battery pack. The black wire on the protection circuit is equipped with a 10kohm NTC resistance. Waking up in the mornings and knowing you can fling on a cute summer dress and not having to worry about shaving? I’ve since switched to a newer, more fancy model of the Lumea, but other than that not much else has changed. The Philips Lumea Advanced wouldn’t look out of place in Captain Kirk’s hand on the set of Star Trek. I disassembled the device, took out the batteries and charged one by one with a 18650 Li-Ion charger, and then put all together., Excuse me intrudeta but apparently their batteries are not connected in series. I swapped the contacts over when I realised what I’d done – but there’s still nothing. I’m really glad I chose the Lumea. Trip the long soldering tips to which you will connect the main wires and fold the other 2 tabs. The battery charcher is than in protecting mode and thinks that the battery is overheated. Because you have to be free of a tan, natural or fake, when you use laser hair removal. can anyone tell me what kind of PCM is in pack? Uniquely curved, intelligent attachments perfectly fit your curves and adapt the treatment programs for each body area. But despite that, the materials feel quality, the build is sturdy and the applicator cord is flexible and robust. I was told it would do 100,000 flashes. Good reminder to charge mine as it has been off for a couple of months. Hi Cachito, i wish it were that simple, but they are. Unfortunately it won’t now take a charge (i.e. The Philips Lumea tackles the problem of unwanted hair in a totally different way by using IPL (Intense Pulsating Light). That’s way more than you’ll ever need). Thanks Didn’t manage to do it without leaving marks every time I used something to separate both parts…, Hello Everybody Do you have a UK link to compatible ones please? First woman trying to fix her lumea by herself. You are right, one side should only be connected. However when I press the on button it flickers the led from 1 power setting just for a fraction of second. Thnx! We advise you to always fully charge the device before you start a treatment or to use it corded.
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