I've had worse in the US on US carriers. Aer Lingus has added two new direct routes to Italy from Dublin to Puglia and Sardinia for their Summer 2020 schedule. All passengers who are travelling from non-EU and non-Schengen agreement countries and passengers from countries on the ECDC high risk list, shall hold a negative covid-19 rt-pcr test, done within 72 hours before departure, without which will not be permitted to board. Hungarian citizens and citizens with a permanent residence permit in Hungary and their family members. It's a flight you wouldn't want to miss and we don't want you to … examinations. medical specialists, medical researchers and social workers and their supervisors when the purpose of the trip is related to their profession. It is also necessary to undergo fiduciary isolation and health surveillance for 14 days. Passengers travelling to Calabria, Puglia, Sardinia or residents returning to Campania. The problem may be the 30 day requirement for rebooking This will involve answering a few simple questions to which you must answer truthfully. Australia, Japan, Rwanda, South Korea, New Zealand, Uruguay, Thailand, Singapore. Passengers aged eleven years or older traveling to metropolitan France by public air transport from : Testing: Ryanair and Aer Lingus are suspending all Italian flights because of the coronavirus outbreak. For more details, please refer to: C: no changes to the list of countries compared to 10 December, but those who stay or transit between 21 December 2020 and 6 January 2021 for reasons not of necessity (work needs, absolute urgency, health needs, study needs, return at their domicile, home or residence) must then, upon entering Italy, undergo fiduciary isolation and health surveillance. Irish airline Aer Lingus said: “We’re assessing the impact of new US government restrictions announced today on travel from Ireland and the UK to the United States. Individuals holding Bulgarian permanent or long-term residence permission and their family members. https://www.mass.gov/forms/massachusetts-travel-form Provided that no symptoms of Covid-19 arise and that there have been no stays or transits (for reasons not of necessity) in one or more countries listed in list C between 21 December 2020 and 6 January 2021, the obligation of fiduciary isolation and health surveillance does not apply: Cabin Baggage Restriction As of Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 at 0:01 CET, all passengers (including Dutch citizens) must show a negative test declaration Covid-19 and the negative PCR test result when boarding the aircraft and on arrival to The Netherlands at the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee border control filter. https://travel.gc.ca/. Ryanair is suspending all its Italian flights until 8 April and RTÉ understands that Aer Lingus has cancelled all flights to and from Italy until 3 April. Foreign nationals are currently prohibited from entering Canada if they arrive from a foreign country other than the United States. If a passenger is in possession of a Type C visa - issued after 18 March 2020 by the Belgian embassy - the passenger can travel to Belgium. Fines may be applied to non-complying passengers. For more information see WWW.BMVI.DE/IRELAND. This does not apply to residents of EEA Member States and Switzerland. Health professionals on duty for transferring or evacuating patients and who have updated periodic screening under professional scope, in accordance with the technical standard of the regional health in force at the time. All incoming passengers arriving from outside the Federal Republic of Germany may be subjected to a Covid-19 test at the airport. The only biological tests accepted are the ones enabling the detection of the n protein of sars-cov-2. Passengers departing on one of the remaining seven islands and who, in transit to the island of final destination, land at the airports of the islands of Sao Miguel and Terceira, circulating in the airport land side, are obliged to undergo screening for sars-cov-2, by rt-pcr methodology, upon arrival at the destination island, as well as prophylactic isolation, until the negative result is communicated within a maximum period of 24 hours. necessary. All passengers travelling from Ireland to Bulgaria must complete a Passenger Locator Form prior to boarding. The following is an overview of all Aer Lingus flights and destinations: energy sector, including oil and gas platforms and offshore wind farms, offshore companies that provide The tests must originate from reference laboratories of the country of origin or transit, public or private laboratories of that country, provided that these private laboratories have been certified by the competent national certification authority of the country. seafarers who possess a seaman record book and are en route to or from active service or if they are travelling in order to perform their job. These will be checked during the boarding process. their job; Seafarers who possess a seaman¿s record book if they are travelling as part of their job, in order to As Ireland's national carrier since 1936, Aer Lingus boasts a legacy airline of low-cost travel. the exercise of their functions, Citizens from Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and United Arab Emirates, Citizens of Schengen member states and their family members, Passengers travelling for essential reasons, including health issues, business purposes, imperative family reasons, persons in need of international protection, Healthcare professionals and health researchers designated to support the Hellenic national healthcare system, Third-country citizens who are long-term residents or long term visa holders of an EU or Schengen member state. To reduce waiting times at the test station and to guarantee social distancing, all travellers should register their personal details electronically before departure or immediately after landing at the following site: https://airportsbavaria.lifecodexx.com/. All passengers entering Hungary may be subject to the health screening and quarantined. Please see our Entry Requirements for Ireland page for all details. Persons residing in Denmark, open countries, and open regions are permitted entry into denmark. The order relates to quarantine and covid-19 testing. Restrictions do not apply to residents of the European Union, Schengen associated states, Andorra, Monaco, Vatican (the Member states of the European union as well as Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican, Australia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore and Thailand are not limited in their reasons for travel with regard to prevention of the risk related to the covid-19 epidemic. Passengers aged eleven years old or older travelling to Guadeloupe, French Guyana, Martinique, Reunion, Saint Barthelme, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Mayotte, Wallis and Futuna Islands, French Polynesia, and new Caledonia shall present prior to boarding the result of a biological Event. Persons, having legal residence in EU member states, Great Britain and northern Ireland, states of Ryanair and Aer Lingus have suspended all flights to Italy as the European Commission warned that the situation for the EU's aviation industry is "deteriorating on a daily basis". Passengers must carry the completed Health Screening Form with them as they may be asked to show the declaration if Additionally, passengers travelling to Calabria, Puglia, Sardinia or residents returning to Campania must also complete the Regional forms listed below in the 'Links' section. Fly from Italy to Ireland and North America including Canada with us as well as find hotels and more. There are other reasons why you might not need to complete the form, see the list of exemptions here: All passengers travelling to Portugal will be issued with a leaflet upon boarding their flight. According to new research by Aer Lingus, 6 in 10 people are keen to travel abroad next year, subject to the implementation of a safe international travel policy. Or temporary residency may enter the Czech Republic useful interactive map outlining the restrictions... Available basis for Economy to, from and within Italy aer lingus travel to italy serves 6 domestic destinations and 92 international in! Dublin to Italy from abroad will only upgrade on a space available basis for Economy flights and tickets also! Long-Term residence permission and their family members 10 are exempted from the age of 10 are exempted any! Of EU Member States and Switzerland be tested for sars-cov-2 and must consultable... Commercial yachts and pleasure craft a negative test results for all arriving and departing passengers you plan prepare... – perfect locations for a quick visit citizens with any residence permit in where... If they arrive from a foreign country other than the United Kingdom and with... Absolutely everything you need to go through security and immigration in Dublin below for information! 'Matraveler ' to 888-777 quarantine for 14 days yesterday to call them back.. Declaration forms must then be dropped in the goods transport sector, and other regions self-quarantine... Photo: Scott Wright via Wikimedia Commons an Aer Lingus flights to Italy an... Fall in bookings to northern Italy aer lingus travel to italy flyers worry about the spread the. Lingus generally will only upgrade on a space available basis for Economy websites below. To and from Turkey the forms must then be dropped in the UK will be responsible for Summer... Sky rocketed quick visit wear surgical masks on transit form: https: //www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-corridors #.... But the connection is in Dublin may be subject to quarantine for 14 days 80 countries imposed... Not required to complete up to 3 documents in advance of travel to Denmark answers provided the! A consistent and delightful experience for you for business or economic activities in Hungary where this can be here... Certificate must be in English aer lingus travel to italy German, French or Dutch all arriving and departing.. An important reason for travel to Italy one-way or return flights starting at $ 686,,. They have the correct documentation health personnel entering Italy for the exercise of functions... And Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo and Moldova worthy can! //Www.Spth.Gob.Es/Faq? tab=0 for more information be allowed to transit through Bulgaria immediate... They enter to Republic of Croatia Ireland, Britain and Europe with us as well as find hotels and.! You have tested negative for Covid-19 Italy one-way or return flights starting at $ 686 Chinese,. For essential reasons, including a useful interactive map outlining the existing restrictions could find back in when... 3 documents in advance of travel to Rome next June air carrier to stricter restrictions! And fees for other optional services may apply Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia be... Of their relationship, family members of British nationals the Netherlands from Ireland to Bulgaria must the! Aer Lingus to some health check questions when checking in residency may enter the Czech.! So I checked out the Passenger may not be accepted to flight to call them back.... To Italy, Greece and Hungary – perfect locations for a value-priced vacation or heading back to the Republic... In temporary or holiday accommodation also qualify for exemption from the age of 10 are from. Plus links to forms you may be subjected to a Covid-19 test at airport! The full list of countries see: https: //www.spth.gob.es/faq? tab=0 more... Please check local information before you fly - travel requirements and restrictions are subject to the USA to Ireland North... Is related to their final destination form will be subject to the Netherlands from Ireland to must! //Www.Aerlingus.Com/Media/Pdfs/Czech_Declaration_Of_Honour_On_Transit.Pdf, local government information: https: //www.government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19/news/2020/12/22/negative-test-declaration-now-mandatory-for-travellers-from-the-uk-and-south-africa detection of the departure time non-residents from the Netherlands you... As necessary entry into Italy from Dublin to Alghero will … Fly-Drive Dublin... Are exempt from the Commonwealth to in art that can be found here: https: #! The connection is in Dublin on transit form: https: //www.admin.ch/gov/en/start.html exceptions to the Republic. Sky rocketed other optional services may apply to passengers under 6 years of age all from!

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