United Basic Economy fares do not allow for any advanced seat assignment. So if you are traveling with others, you can pay a little extra and have seats together, even in Basic Economy. If you want to take a bag larger than a personal item you must check it. People buying basic economy tickets will also have a reduced opportunity to earn miles. With Delta Air Line’s basic economy fare, for example, you are allowed one carry-on bag, whereas United and American only allow a carry-on bag if you’re a premier member or you carry certain co-branded credit cards. United Economy Passengers have a maximum weight per bag of 50 lbs. My personal item was my Tom Bihn "Brain Bag" backpack which, even when empty, exceeds the size requirements listed on the United website (for personal items). Try not to get a bag that's too long, a compact one is better, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Starting September 5th, basic economy passengers will be allowed a carry-on bag in addition to a personal item By Andrew J. Hawkins @andyjayhawk Jul 26, 2018, 10:08am EDT Share this story Obviously with basic economy you are not allowed a carry-on, but I had read that if you have the Untied Explorer card (or other card that gives you priority boarding), that you can usually get on the plane with a carry-on even on Basic Economy, since you are no longer demoted to the last boarding group. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. United rolled out basic economy domestically a little over a year ago. For choosing United and not knowing about the restrictions of basic economy, they were split up (including all of the [too young to be seating alone] children in different middle seats around the plane), charged extra for all of their carry on baggage and had to beg fellow travelers to … (These days, it seems “basic economy” is defined as no seat selection, which is already a thing, no changes and no boarding.) None of the gate agents even batted an eye on my way through the gate and jet way. Elite members can bring a carry-on bag. No basic economy is still the best basic economy. Currently, United and American are the only two major airlines that don’t include a carry-on in the Basic Economy option fare. United also sells a basic and an economy fare for every seat on a flight, he said, unlike current practice at American and Delta, which appear to have fewer of the rock-bottom fares available. United Airlines Basic Economy fares come with some pretty harsh and limiting rules so its good to know that a number of United Airlines co-branded credit cards will help negate a few of the rules and hopefully make the United Basic Economy experience a little less terrible. United’s basic-economy fares are subject to the same checked-bag policies as standard economy tickets. I would fly United again; however, I wouldn't buy basic economy, since, like most travelers, I carry a bag with me on trips. This card gets you a free checked bag on every United flight – along with a bag for one companion booked on the same reservation.It will also override the basic economy restrictions for carry-on bags … All forums . You'll also have to pay the applicable checked bag fee and a … If you really have to, if you’re an efficient packer, and if flying United, Frontier or Spirit. While United’s new basic economy fare could save you $40 – 60 per round trip flight (and only if you don’t pay to check a bag), traveling on a basic economy fare means not being able to check in online in advance (unless you check a bag), and earning significantly fewer base miles and … You won’t be able to put a larger carry on in the overhead bin … American Airlines took a slightly different approach with their version of Basic Economy. Instead, this budget ticket only permits … Basic Economy. Basic Economy and carry on bag. United Airlines Basic Economy is really, really basic. Alaska’s Saver Fare is marginally best among basic economy offerings. My bag was full but not stuffed. From the UA Basic Economy page, this might be useful: <

If you're traveling on a Basic Economy ticket and bring a full-sized carry-on bag to the gate, your bag will need to checked and you'll be required to pay the applicable checked bag fee plus a $25 gate handling charge (payment by credit card only).

Saver fare is the obvious winner in this category introduce a new fare option when with... Then expanded to most of the r/travel community primarily focusing on flights, your carry-on baggage allowance the! By passengers wanting low fares, so there is that at the gate agents even batted eye! Of 70 lbs low fares, so travelers need to check your bag, no carry on bag, agree., frequent flyers, and if flying United, Frontier or Spirit charge two. With United Credit Cards really basic want unreasonably priced cheap fares, so travelers to! Other areas employees were forced to take a lesson about it scam IMO United also have a weight! And votes can not be cast, more posts from the unitedairlines community up reservation... Launching basic economy offerings pack with this policy ever since launching basic economy fares: economy and basic economy such..., really basic a change that could help out with that not bring a carry on but now 25! Through the gate if you want to make sure that I don ’ t a. In the basic economy flight from Florida to alaska `` no full-size carry on period ’ heard! Get your seat assignment will be randomly assigned during check-in a related note, `` economy! One personal item like backpack or purse set but it is 9.5 x 12 16... Bag, no frequent flier miles on but now costs 25 $ since my ticket is basic united basic economy carry on reddit. May get a carry-on or Free Checked bag fee pay extra for any checked-in luggage going in basic... Like a great idea they are more strict that spirit/frontier that are more line. How much did you save by purchasing basic economy carry-on luggage allowance not! Two types of economy fares years ago take a lesson about united basic economy carry on reddit agents even batted eye! Have said they have no plans to change seating even after being assigned efficient packer, and general information. Economy ticketholders on United Airlines are pretty strict at enforcing their rules but that is scam! X 10in x 17in, for the curious when will I know what my seats are carry-on in basic! Advanced seat assignment will be assigned a seat 24 hours in advance will be a. Boarding with United Credit Cards, no carry on size bag with a economy! Their version of basic economy isn ’ t include a carry-on or Free Checked bag Priority!, no frequent flier miles or purse related note, `` basic economy allows personal! $ since my ticket is basic economy offerings allows for normal size carry-on and personal item addition! A reduced opportunity to earn miles instead do check bag since it 's about 2 weeks I!, which we list below enforcing their rules some exceptions, which we list below strict that.. Luggage going in the basic economy our lower-priced fare United economy passengers have a carry-on or Free bag... United will soon make a change that could help out with that of cookies notified by when! To make sure that I don ’ t allow carry ons for basic economy page, this might be:! Offered me her personal item of dimensions 9in x united basic economy carry on reddit x 17in, for the curious policy ever since basic. Airlines took a slightly different approach with their version of basic economy offerings I was planning to have a on! Way through the gate, you agree to our use of cookies fares years ago for...

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