I will have to look at my skincare products. Do you have any products you recommend? 1 comment, Coconut oil is the superfood on many a health guru’s lips, but does its superstar status extend to the world of skincare too? In Mintel’s latest Women’s Facial Skincare Report, it was found that 53% of UK women who use facial skincare products had used products with natural ingredients to care for their skin in the last 12 months. I have also read that combining it with coconut oil makes a great hair conditioner. Health-wise yes, beauty-wise, they may have been superseded by more modern technologies. I admit…it was listed as a hand lotion, and I tried it on my face. Depending on your skin care type, coconut oil for skin can be a super useful addition to your routine. Led by founders Susannah Taylor and Sarah Vine, our editorial team works with our favourite writers and industry insiders from Amelia Freer to Peta Bee and Imogen Edwards-Jones, and with some of the world's leading brands in beauty and wellness, from Chanel and Estée Lauder to Barrecore and Hello Fresh - to bring you all the information and inspiration you need for skincare, haircare, makeup, fitness and nutrition in one place. I’ve heard it’s good for skin. My friend and skincare expert Rachael Pontillo, creator of The Skin-Self Mastery Method, shared with me that… “while coconut oil has become a popular DIY remedy for just about every skin, health, and hair issue, for many people, it makes matters worse for many people.”, I know that you’re ready to ask, “Can you share the reasons why coconut oil is bad?”. Many years later I began ingesting 2 tbsp. The majority seems to bias against refined coconut oil and consider it a bad product for skin care. So I’m switching to natural personal care products, and of course the new deodorant I have is based on coconut. Hi!! Carol, this is definitely an issue for those who work in Healthcare! I dont use any lotions that contain coconut oil on my body..I will try using Avocado and sesame oil, though admittedly I’m not the most knowledgeable on those areas. It’s very comedogenic which means that it can’t penetrate the pore. Your skin’s microbiome helps your skin stay healthy and maintain a tight barrier from the outside world. On one end are acidic substances (pH from 0-6) and the other end are basic (or alkaline) substances (pH of 8-14). Those with oily, acne prone skin should proceed with caution. You give us hope! Coconut oil has been a scorching subject within the magnificence world for the previous few years. It’s everywhere…in our skin care, in our foods, shampoos, moisturizers, toothpaste, and even in our frying pan! Sorry. All the while I have just thought that this is very beneficial for anything. I’m seriously into working through an adrenal/thyroid program right now in hopes of relieving some root causes that might be contributing to some of these symptoms. Hi Tom, the pH isn’t the main push for NOT using coconut oil. Some of these fats work differently than other types of saturated fat in the body. If you’ve got skin issues, I’d recommend other fat sources until your skin improves for consumption at that level like ghee which is actually a great source of butyrate and a helpful communication signal for the skin microbiome. CBD can be helpful to the skin. The substance has been found to be a safe and effective moisturizer for conditions like xerosis, or rough, dry skin. atopic, seborrheic, and eczematous). Now hubby and I are second guessing how much we use the oil on him!! And butersyim parki shea butter bad or sunflower oil..Thanks for the info..If you have a great body lotion you can suggest, please let me know!! Anything that disrupts your skin’s healthy microbiome can make your skin worse. It really makes me sad that so many people have been misguided by the notion that coconut oil is the right fit for rashed skin when that’s generally not the case. / hey I’m making my face cream with coconut oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, Shea butter, aromatherapy oils and Alovera gel i don’t have any skin problem but what can i use instead of my main ingredient that is coconut oil? Not ALL fat is bad. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your thoroughness and knowledge. Coconut oil contains a certain kind of fat known as "medium chain triglycerides." We are also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Well, Coconuts can be sometimes useful and sometimes harmful. I’m by no means anti-coconut oil. (2), Studies show that washing with soap increases the skin’s pH by up to 3 pH units (it can become up to 1,000 times more alkaline) and that effect lasts for 90 minutes!(2). She’ll be on the podcast talking all about this in the coming months. However, if you suffer with acne on your back, shoulder or chest, strictly avoid using coconut oil on the body.” So are the benefits of coconut oil all they’re cracked up to be? Ended up with pretty much all over body rash with intense itching that kept me from sleeping and caused numerous meltdowns daily for over a month. Glad I read this!! You are perfectly correct I used coconut oil on my skin. Coconut oil is so good for you! Despite what you've read, coconut oil is bad for your skin. Those who have dry skin and/or mild eczema, and those who have a preference for more natural skincare options look to benefit most. What about taking coconut oil internally, I take about 2-3 Tblsps a day, Hi Astrid! beauty markets have seen the use of botanical oils, such as coconut oil, in beauty routines blossom, However, while effective for drier skin types, not all skin types benefit equally. I know I’m not using correct or full product name Made me break out! “An ideal moisturiser would contain all of the following three actives to work synergistically:", a) “Humectants (which work by attracting water and holding water in the skin);”, b) “Occlusive agents (which increase the skin’s moisture levels by providing a physical barrier to reduce water evaporation from the skin);”. The only relief came from ice packs and soaking in epsom salts (which the dermatologist said NOT to do)…nothing from the dermatologist helped AT ALL including oral, topical and injectable antihistamines and steroids. It’s excellent for dry, damaged, or chapped skin. for more details about coconuts you may see it here >>http://www.beautyepic.com/benefits-of-cocnut-oil/ . Yes, your skin needs an emollient moisturizer to help prevent water loss. When applied to babies’ skin, they rank similarly on hydration, reduction of water loss from the skin, as well as pH and redness.(4). Your skin has a natural pH level and it’s not a good idea to … This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I will try out the jojoba oil to see if this works the same without messing with my skins microbiome because I would hate to see/feel positive results of the coconut oil and my body is hurting below the surface, Thank You! (5), There are a number of proven anti-inflammatory effects associated with jojoba oil. / Ayesha Muttucumaru  SO thank you Jennifer for validating an intuition I’d had about the incompatibility of coconut oil for eczema by defining the science so succinctly here. And it’s not going to help you get the results you’re looking for no matter the promises of magic you’ve read about on natural health blogs. Lauric acid, one of the primary medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil, has useful … In terms of how best to apply it as a moisturiser, less is definitely more (that is, if you even choose to apply it at all). Great question! It’s Antibacterial. The Dr. instructed me to stay out of the sun as much as possible and to put on SPF 50 if I had to be in the sun. Here is a great paper published in 2017 that helps explain it: https://med.virginia.edu/ginutrition/wp-content/uploads/sites/199/2014/06/Parrish-February-17.pdf. (Coconut oil can withstand higher heat without going rancid like other healthy oils, such as olive oil). Anecdotal evidence is mixed on coconut oil’s benefits for oily or acne-prone skin. Since it is such a saturated fat would it “suffocate” skin like coconut oil? And unfortunately, applying something that can alter the pH to such a degree like coconut oil can perpetuate a state of dysbiosis of your skin’s microbiome and Leaky Skin. “Coconut oil is very hydrating, so it does offer benefits for people with dry skin (and possibly mild eczema),” says Dr Stefanie Williams, Dermatologist and Medical Director of Eudelo. I now bring hydration tablets and carry a cloth to wet down to wear around my neck for those dizzy beginning to overheat spells. It’s more amber than green lit by Dr Williams. Healing the gut has great effects on the skin. I am a nurse, and have to wash my hands constantly with antibacterial soap. These each have different components in them and help your skin from the outside-inward in different ways. I understand pure beef tallow is very nourishing for skin it is so much like our human composition. Despite the controversy, the majority of the population (Team Byrdie included), loves and praises coconut oil for its all-natural ability to make our skin feel irresistibly supple, hydrated, and all-around radiant. It can help with skin repair for acne and many types of dermatitis (e.g. She works with women who are fed up with chronic gut and skin rash issues discover the root causes and create a plan to get them back to a fuller, richer life. As Dean puts it, “ Using coconut oil directly on your skin can be extremely beneficial, but not good for everyone.” For instance, he says that for people with severely dry skin, coconut oil may help restore moisture content. Some of this is trial and error as it is with all things in life. If your skin is really healthy, using coconut oil may be just fine. Any recommendations on a good product for the hands? Best wishes and thank you for your mission. You give so much information and different ways of looking at ways of dealing with eczema. we have many more sophisticated moisturisers for dry skin available these days. It’s too powerful and kills the skin microbiome. As you can see from the reasons shared above, coconut oil is bad for your skin. We share the five health benefits of coconut oil. From Joe Wicks’ love of a bit of Lucy Bee to Gwyneth Paltrow’s penchant for a spot of oil pulling, coconut oil has fast become the superfood ingredient many of today’s healthy living gurus can’t live without. July 24th 2016 It didn’t work for me, it made my hands super greasy and it didn’t moisturize at all, it made my hands even more flaky and made skin felt leathery. But after speaking to so many experts and hearing from clients about their own personal experiences, I felt compelled to share. The Dr. did not give me any treatment options. I would check out Lara Adler’s website – https://www.laraadler.com/. (3) This may worsen some of the more sensitive skin issues like perioral dermatitis. Developments are already being seen in the field but time and technology will only tell if they’ll finally be able to match up to, and perhaps one day overtake, their more synthetic beauty competitors. My young son (18 months) has eczema due to cat allergies (we have two cats ‍♀️). Lauric acid, which as mentioned above is abundant in coconut oil, has been found to be an effective acne-fighting treatment. You are clearly not alone and I appreciate your two cents. Think this must be genetics…. I have no idea how that would work applied to the skin. Thank you for this post and knowledge on some risks of using this oil on skin. Coconut oil is so good for you! (4), Tested in both adults and children with atopic dermatitis, sunflower seed oil works as a great moisturizer. Just be aware that it is not a plant oil — instead it is derived from the adipose (fat) tissue of certain birds. Don’t worry! It increases my skin problems. I have been dealing with cycles of eczema flare ups for several years now. Thanks so much for this article. So if you’re looking for a vegan option, it is obviously not plant-derived. Thanks for this article, very thought provoking. The husk of a Coconut can be yellow, green, brownish, or a mix of all three, while it’s shell is almost always brown and fibrous looking, and is sometimes referred to as “brown skin”. Again, coconut oil made all my eczema, and dermatitis worse! That being said though, not all coconut oils are created equal and Dr Williams recommends looking out for the following qualities: “If you decide to use coconut oil, make sure to go for extra virgin, unrefined and organic ones,” she advises, thereby avoiding any unnecessary additives and processes that may deviate away from the natural product, i.e. I have had Eczema all my life and could only use dove on my skin to bathe and ointment for lotion. And, as coconut oil is so good as a food, they assume it must be great for topical application also. Thanks again for the great article. We share the five health benefits of coconut oil. Now I know why. Also, I probably wouldn’t use the same thing on your hands as on your face. I made an irritated patch of skin worse. The use of any information provided by Skinterrupt is solely at your own risk. And that’s often the most frustrating piece… a topical product can only do so much. Coconut has become the superfood of today. (6,7), Olive oil is another natural oil that your skin might love! Many times I mix a tbsp. November 28, 2017. A solution with as little as 5% coconut oil is bactericidal to several types of bacteria. Putting it on the skin stops circulation at the place it is put. Conditioning Your Hair Put on old clothes. Dry skin needs something more occlusive than coconut oil, but less so than petroleum jelly (not a product I recommend, for the record). I looooove CBD too, Ann. Before we go any further, let me tell you that this article isn't meant to knock coconut oil. If you want to rebalance your skin’s microbiota, there are other ways like using probiotics on your skin. Due to its content of medium chain fatty acids, coconut oil has studies to back its benefits from … Coconut oil is bad news, for your arteries and for your skin. Do you have recommendations/ resources you can point me towards for swimmers? “Many people with chronic rashes and sensitive skin already have trouble releasing heat, so this could exacerbate your situation further,” says Pontillo. Which is in moisturizer. Hey Cheryl! “Coconut oil is less like a pure plant oil and acts more like a wax on the skin, much like jojoba oil. Recently I’ve transitioned from dove to my mother’s natural soap she makes and it’s been helping but I’ve been looking for something to use as moisturizer to replace my eczema ointment and I started using coconut oil. I must be one of the fortunate ones….. no rash of any kind…have used coconut oil on face for approximately 5-years…. Ingesting coconut oil is far better for the skin than topical application. Seems like a tricky combination to be able to track down, but due to its increased demand, it’s easier than many may think with retailers such as Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods and Amazon all stocking it. Jojoba oil is excellent for your skin mainly because of how similar it is to human sebum. shape.com. “Even natural antimicrobials can disrupt the balance of the skin's microbiome which can affect your immune system and barrier function, increase inflammation, and lead to dysbiosis,” says Pontillo. Rub coconut … So do you have to cut out coconut oil completely from your skincare routine? Well, just because they call it “refined coconut oil” doesn’t mean it’s bad for your skin. The next time I make my lotion, it will not include coconut oil. As far as I know, there are no issues with it for hair and nails …. c) “Emollients (which improve the appearance of the skin by smoothing ‘flaky’ skin cells).” “While coconut oil is a very good occlusant, it does not have humectant properties (it’s in fact an anti-humectant, as coconut oil repels water),” Dr Williams explains. I've learned too many things to keep quiet, and it needs to be said: coconut oil is horrible for your hair and skin. While the numbers 1-14 seem small, they’re actually powers of 10. This is a problem because coconut oil doesn’t allow for your skin cells to breathe or detoxify. That too can be a great option! However 300 years ago, we didn’t have the same sophisticated, high-tech skincare we have today, so it was a great home remedy given the lack of alternatives. April 21, 2014. Stay tuned! Coconut oil is comedogenic, which means it can clog pores. I also have tried jojoba oil, olive oil and calendula oil as well as occasionally using some emu oil (that I really bought to take internally) from a company Dr. Terry Wahls recommends. Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS is an integrative Clinical Nutritionist and the founder of Skinterrupt. Is Caprylic triglade. Its pH can disrupt the skin’s pH and thin its outer layer. While it still… “provides protection, it ends up acting more like a plastic bag on the skin,” says Pontillo. “Coconut oil is very hydrating, so it does offer benefits for people with dry skin (and possibly mild eczema),” says Dr Stefanie Williams, Dermatologist and Medical Director of Eudelo. Cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil is the way to go. Keep up the good work. Sunflower seed oil has been studied for its help with atopic dermatitis because of its moisturizing effect. To read that people prone to rashes and who have sensitive skin have trouble releasing heat, makes a lot of sense. It’s been a boon to me in several ways… Honestly, personally I had a lot of benefits… My eczema got cured, blackness in my armpits and innerleggot lightened and several others…, I started applying coconut oil to my face… N for several unknown reasons pores increased, and had several skin tags and small pimples which weren’t going away.. The amount I use in the shower mixed with a drop of frankincense oil on my face has seemed to do well. In fact, using soap and detergents is one of the most common causes of dermatitis of the hands and can trigger flares of eczema. We’d been using coconut oil on him since he was about 9 months due to a family member doing so while watching him for a week (she also has a cat) and his skin greatly improved. That’s a great question! Coconut oil is good for many different skin care needs, but it can clog pores in those who tend to have oily or combination skin. It has a high concentration of a fatty acid called linoleic acid which helps the skin barrier by enhancing the outer layer of skin cells. I have very sensitive skin and dont use any kind of soap or detergent on my body..I will make sure Skinterrupt offers health, wellness, fitness and nutritional information which is designed for educational purposes only. Is it a large proportion of the total oils? I put the coconut oil on my face to make it look more shiny and dewy which only lasted temporarily. “I really don’t endorse using it, as there are much better options. Your program is the best I.have read about eczema. I use skin products that include it. Thank you for the info about coconut oil on the skin. It could be good for your skin depending on the quality of coconut oil you use. There are so many factors: cold weather, working in the yard, times when I have to wash my hands a lot, STRESS, reverting to a poor diet for too long all seem to play a role. While applying 100% raw coconut oil on your face may be more risky because of the pore-clogging fatty acids, a product formulated with coconut oil as an ingredient among others may be a better bet in avoiding a negative reaction. It is also a strong antimicrobial which can disrupt the skin’s natural microbial balance. Bacteria and dead skin cells will then fester under the skin and cause your body to produce excess sebum, which can result in acne." Stay tuned though as we’ve got some great podcasts coming out soon . You should mention the PH of these alternatives as your main push is that coconut oil is too alkaline. One of the skin’s main functions is body temperature regulation. Out of curiosity I looked up if coconut oil is actually good for ya and came across this page. Groan! I am also wondering about castor oil, since I understand that it is a great skin lubricant. It also “interferes with normal lipid production, and can feel physically and emotionally suffocating (remember, the skin is a key part of the nervous system because it contains thousands of nerve endings per square inch),” says Pontillo. Another key part of its popularity also interestingly lies in the link between diet and skincare. But since then my hand issues and psoriasis seem to flare more frequently. I get out in the sun at will now and many times without my shirt on for as many as 3 hours and I just get tanner and tanner with no damage. Petroleum, mineral oil and parabens, as well as fragrance. It is easy to apply directly to the skin and poses few known risks. We take away our make-up with it, slather it on our pores and skin… If your skin’s seriously dry, coconut oil for skin is one of the best remedies. Currently the best relief for me is Tallow mixed with a small amount of Megasporebiotic. I actually have some great podcasts coming up that will address it!!!! I still use it as part of a deep conditioning mask for my hair. Made up of medium-chain-length fatty acids, essentially it provides a teaspoon of much-needed moisture to the driest of dermal zones. This helps the body to get more benefits out of certain vitamins and supplements, such as turmeric or curcumin. All opinions expressed in product reviews are our own. Using coconut oil on your skin is a fairly simple process, but it depends how you want to use it. Sesame oil is an anti-inflammatory oil that promotes healthy skin barrier function. However, I see no real reason to use coconut oil if you can use something more effective.”. Continue if you are OK with this or find out more in our Privacy Policy. Since I started talking about this, increasingly more of my readers admit to me that coconut oil has worsened their skin conditions. Because it has significant antioxidant activity, sesame oil has been used to relieve pain and inflammation in joints by massaging it into the skin in traditional Taiwanese medicine. And in terms of skincare, it’s now more in-demand than ever. Thank you! The coconut oil is extracted from the white part found inside the shell. Coconut oil has large molecules and is absorbed slowly. Oil pulling, which involves swishing coconut oil in your mouth like mouthwash, may kill some of the harmful bacteria in the mouth. My hands and head behind my ears and on shin of right leg, occasionally on the left as well. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and I have skin issues with my hands…sad I know!! But the truth is, when applied to your skin, coconut oil can make your skin worse. Coconut oil clogs my blood vessels. The slick oil … What is CBD oil? But what I will share is an important reminder that you may need to re-evaluate how committed you are to slathering it on your skin. While certain fungal rashes might benefit from using a natural antimicrobial as a spot treatment, regular use is not a good idea. If you’re not familiar with the term sebum, it’s an oily substance naturally produced by your skin that lubricates and waterproofs your skin. By Dr. Hannah Sivak | January 5, 2021 | 0 Fatty acids, like all other ingredients, are what their chemistry says. I have chronic eczema. CBD oil has worked miracles, clearing the psoriasis from my hands after 10 years of no help from coconut oil, steroid creams, extrac and laser treatments. I finally figured out what was starting it was histamine reactions from taking a hot yoga class where I walked out wearing sweaty clothes and the strap of my seat belt made the abrasive patch on my skin. almost no lines or wrinkles – will be 85 years this June. I see the oils above you listed, and tried a moisturizer with aloe and avocado. I know how this will sound as we shift our beliefs about saturated fat in the diet, but…. Early on in the eczema symptom stage I was seeking advice from a doctor I considered open and receptive who was suggesting I use coconut oil. “However, we have many more sophisticated moisturisers for dry skin available these days which combine synergistic emollients and humectants, so I would always prefer to use these.”, Dr Williams recommends a cocktail of skincare staples in a moisturiser that helps to both attract and retain moisture. Nothing stated or posted on our site, or in our advertising, marketing or promotional materials, or through any of the services we offer, as intended to be, and must not be taken to be, the practice of medicine or counseling care. Taken internally, MCT oil can be used therapeutically to reduce gut inflammation. It depends on how much is in the product. I did not experience the things you described in this article, I honestly have noticed improvements with the coconut oil like how soft my skin is and how clean it smells but I greatly appreciate the information and the alternative options! They started in 2013 with a patch of dermatitis on my left shoulder area. I thought I was some strange case. My skin had been healthy for over ten years until this happened. Coconut oil has provided some physical relief but after the greasiness goes away (had thought about getting fractionated co to avoid this) particularly my hands feel MORE dry. My skin issues started a year ago, but have been GF for 5 years. Frankly, I feel that coconut oil presents more challenges than solutions if you’ve got chronic skin rashes (even if your skin is pretty clear and you’re not experiencing a flare). […] 4 Reasons Why Coconut Oil is Bad for Your Skin Blog Post […]. Some people use coconut oil to remove makeup. Is it used to help it solidify? It is also good to take vitamins and supplements with coconut oil due to the fatty acid content. I’m not an expert on that. As a long time sufferer of skin issues, from the 50s as a child where the solution to the skin cracking behind my toes was wearing white cotton socks with sandals to present day issues of cracking, peeling/flaking skin on my hands plus psoriasis on my scalp and in my ears for which the modern day “solution” is, of course (! It’s just one reason. of organic virgin coconut oil per day;. My hands are so chapped, dry and cracking! It conquered the Porphyria disease and set me free! Haven’t tried avocado oil so can add that in to see. But in 2013 there was no information on the skin microbiome. This topic initially came to my attention in 2018 after speaking with several of experts featured in the Eczema & Psoriasis Awareness Week. Hi Jennifer – what a wonderful, informative article. “With food there is a big trend for ‘clean eating’ and organic produce at the moment (which I fully support),” says Dr Williams. Well, if your skin has a rash, one of the major problems is dysbiosis of the skin’s healthy microbiome. Always enjoy reading your articles. Coconut oil can get a little drippy, so put on an old t … I prepare oil myself at home. You’ve heard to ditch your anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers because they increase your risk of skin rashes like eczema and psoriasis, right? And I’m not at all alone in my concern about the overuse of coconut oil in skincare. “Coconut oil is comedogenic, despite what many people will want to make you believe,” cautions Dr Williams. I actually answer the question about the pH of some of the alternatives here: https://www.skinterrupt.com/skin-ph-microbiome/. So then I looked at the other ingredients, and trust me…you wouldn’t like them. : Sunlight will make your skin darker if you apply coconut oil and sunbathe, because coconut oil is a poor sunscreen. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnois, or treatment. This means it stays on top of the skin and can cause an occlusive barrier. I was diagnosed with Porphyria back in 2004, which is a sun sensitive skin issue. pH is a measure of acid-base strength on a scale from 0-14. No, but you may want to minimize your skin’s coconut oil exposure. In our experience, experts have been hesitant to recommend it, including Dr Williams. Thank you, how about mct oil, or is that on the same level as coconut oil? Subscribe to our newsletter About us Jobs at GTG Our columnists Our team Contact us Link to GTG PressRSS feedAdvertising & Partnerships Terms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy, Developments are already being seen in the field, Why everyone's buying aloe vera for homemade hand sanitiser, Why witch hazel could be making your skin concerns worse, 10 must-have products for anyone suffering from eczema, Black seed oil: how this ancient anti-inflammatory elixir could boost digestion, weight loss and even hair health. a rise in consumer interest in natural ingredients, due to people wanting to get involved in the process of creating their own beauty products. If you have gut issues, autoimmune issues, or believe that you may have leaky gut, I generally don’t recommend taking that must coconut oil internally because it can also be an issue in the gut. Anyway, these things all seem to provide some relief for the discomfort but I’m still working on a “cure”. Liked this? But a better option than coconut for your face. As for the tallow, I’d like to get back to you with a clear answer. I was wondering why my skin looks worse than ever!! Glad I found her page. Coconut oil is 90% saturated fat.

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