To add to this, make sure you get involved in clubs and volunteer activities, this will boost your scholarship options when you transfer to a 4-year university. Talk to a counselor or adviser at your preferred CC and you can set up a plan for the next 4 or so semesters. It's easy to imagine a scenario where starting at community college delays you by a year, and if you are planning on making $70k out of college then community college needs to save you at least $70k to justify that delay. This. Especially if you have to still do your general education courses. Gonna save a lot of money in the long run so to me it’ll be worth it. I am attending a community college for one year in Texas and then I hope to transfer to a four-year college, Wayne State University in Michigan. But you need to be very sure your exact classes will transfer effectively. Just as there is a stigma with transferring while in college, there is an even greater stigma surrounding community college. The process of transferring from a community college to a university can be intimidating, and some who enter a two-year college never enroll at a four-year university as they intended. But this generally means that you will learn the material better. 3. If you think you may transfer, try to plan early to ensure the courses you take will count, and keep your grades up. Pros of university- “college experience” living in a dorm, freedom, make new friends/ experiences etc. I personally went to community college for 2 years to do my gen eds, and then I transferred to university. I went to a CC before going to a 4 year and you are correct in that it is a lot cheaper doing it that way. The problem is my parents have never been to college so they cannot help me in figuring out what procedures I need to take. It will be less expensive and it will be easier to get accepted. Community colleges have, and still to this day, play an important role in preparing students for the workforce. Overall I found the CC classes more challenging, the professors were trying to measure up to the 4 year's college standard that wasn't there at the 4 year. I was in a similar situation. On average those students transferred into the university with 80 to 90 credits. There are at least 1,100 community colleges in the U.S., and we sorted through them all to find those that offer the very best value. Talk to a counselor or adviser at your preferred CC and you can set up a plan for the next 4 or so semesters. So in the fall of 2010, I began my fall semester at Santa Monica College (SMC). I did this as well and my CC had a dual enrollment agreement with the college I intended to transfer to which boiled down to getting nearly in-state tuition rate even though I was from a bordering state. So yeah, no. Added bonus, will be graduating with a couple of years of relevant work experience. Also, look into CLEP credit exams and which ones your university accepts if you're comfortable studying on your own. Sometimes speaking to an advisor over the phone or via email can make things difficult to understand and it was easier for me once I met with an advisor in person. Same. This is helps many students who need a financial boost. Many believe it isn't "real college," or that it's much easier than a typical four-year university. Saying "2 year" or "4 year" is misleading. In my experience, if you complete an associates degree at a community college, credit carry-over to a 4 year school is easy like Sunday morning. I want to start my education this year, and I am looking to see what could be best for me and my situation. Study for Placement Tests. But if this is your plan, make sure to do your research and double-check that your credits will indeed transfer … I’m a high school teacher and I tell almost all of my kids to do this very thing for this very reason. It saved me money and I learned a lot, but it was uninspiring. i’d have to for one year and then i’d be considered a resident. I'm trying to go to a Bachelor's at a different school now. For some states, if you begin paying out of state fees at a community college, it will signal that you came to that state for educational purposes when transferring schools. Transferring to Ivy League from community college means you will be entering highly prestigious universities. Your four-year college will look at the courses you took and the grades you earned at your two-year college and decide how much credit to give you. If you plan on staying close for university after you finish CC, check out their websites and see if they have a transfer credit catalog or something similar. Today, at least 17 states offer tuition-free community college for residents. Community colleges routinely require entering students to take placement tests in math and English. According to The Institute for College Access and Success, in 2015, the average university student graduated with $28,950 in student loan debt.A 2016 report by Forbes found that the average graduate in 2016 left school with over $37,000 in student loans.. Edit: I want to say thank you for those who are answering. CampusReel contains transfer data on every college and university in the country. I have heard at least as many success stories from kids who have gone this route as I have from those who went straight to a 4 year university (if not more). But that happens at a 4 year school too if you switch programs. How to Successfully Transfer. my mom brought it up to me today that it might just be easier for me to do two years of community college and then transfer to a university, and i just want to know other people’s opinions? Many community colleges have articulation agreements with four-year universities to make transferring pretty easy. Cons- more expensive, might be harder (bigger classes, less communication w professor) might be far away. It works best if you know the major you want, and talk to advisors/admissions at both schools. If you succeed in community college, transferring to an Ivy League school can be a dream come true. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We call them TAG. If you already know what you want to major in, then it can save a lot of time and headache to go straight to university. Many community college students transfer to four-year institutions. Before you consider transferring to a university, complete your coursework at the community college. When I applied for a transfer, they didn’t even ask for anything from high school. You just need to do the research of both colleges your looking at to make the best choice for your degree. Be prepared to make a swift and easy transfer with these articles. 1. Especially in-state community colleges and universities. In the United States, many students begin their postsecondary education at a community college, and then transfer to a university. This makes things kind of tough, where as it's a lot easier if you've already completed algorithms by the time you are entering your junior year. So back to some advice, I 100% recommend going to a CC for general ed if you’re planning on majoring in a STEM field and/or going OOS. Sixteen percent of students who started at a community college in 2010 completed their bachelor's by 2016. I am a huge proponent of community college. i honestly feel like i’m going to do it, and i feel like i’m going to save a fortune if i do it (correct?). On the other hand if you are trying to get into an unrelated degree program, well you’re in for an uphill battle. Among those who did transfer, on average 42 percent went on to get a bachelor’s degree within six years of starting at a community college. In fact, 37.2% of college students transfer to another college within six years of starting at the original institution. Often times the out of state prices are considerably higher and qualifying for instate tuition is more difficult that one originally believes. My high school had a program where you took CC classes and earned your Associate by the time you graduated high school (I actually just graduated, yay lol). This means what you take at the CC will transfer to a university. No admissions questions, cheating, memes, or illegal behavior/piracy. 2 year community colleges are great for completing the basic math, English, science, and humanities credits you’ll … So you do the first two years at the Community College and the last two years at … Typically, they earn an associate degree in two years and then change schools in order to earn their bachelor’s degree.

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