We don’t want this entire list to be subjective, so we’re going to go to the data to build a list of the best Google Fonts. Should you need it for commercial designs, please contact the author. We use Mailchimp as our marketing platform. Cowboys Font. The design is unique and it will definitely display beautifully in any project. Basic Sans serif Serif Various Fixed width Bitmap 3 px 4 px 5 px 6 px 7 px 8 px 9 px 10 px. 15 Aug *This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission to help keep this site running. Browse: Home / Resources / WordPress for Gyms / Most Used Google Fonts on Gym Websites. Fonts of world-renowned brands . Sports Jersey. This lovely typeface can be downloaded and used for personal purposes. Browse fonts by style, by type, by alphabet, by author or by popularity. We have covered Best Google fonts here. This typeface looks outstanding as a logo, on posters, etc. This creative font was created by The Sports Fonts and it can be used in personal projects. This is a well-designed typeface created by Casady & Greene. Sports Night is the closest I could find to the ESPN logo. It’s very fun and curly! I’m a bit of a self-proclaimed font hoarder. Copyright © 2021 I Love WordPress. Every font is free to download! Freshman Font 5. Download Spills Font. The Line-Up. This typeface was created by FontsCafe and it’s available for free for personal uses. Search. Here is another stunning typeface which you can use in your projects. This design has curved characters with rounded edges and a creative design overall. All rights reserved. The family includes 12 fonts, with small capitals for Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, standard and old-style figures, and stylistic alternates. The Most Used Google Fonts on Gym Websites # Font Name Total Websites % of Total #1: Open Sans: 12,183: 26.781% #2: Lato: 6,874: 15.11% #3: Roboto: 4,198: 9.228% #4: Oswald: 3,553: 7.81% #5: Montserrat: 3,549: 7.801% #6: Raleway: 2,908: 6.392% #7: Source Sans Pro: 2,609: 5.735% #8: Roboto Slab: 1,453: 3.194% #9: Playfair Display: 1,393: 3.062% #10: Droid Serif: 1,298: 2.853% #11: Roboto Condensed: 1,271: 2.794% #12: PT Sans: … I’ve put together some great-looking sites that use Google Fonts so you can see how others are using this wonderful service by Google in their designs. Here’s the download link! The font is geometrically perfect, which means it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. YWFT Burls is a masculine font that comes fully stocked with a six-pack of retro appeal. The most recent formed sports fonts are particularly strong and straight. This is a beautiful sports-related font which was created by KC Fonts. We all love a good handwriting font for that warmth and “handmade” artisanal feel it brings to projects. Google Web Fonts (GWF) or Typekit are systems which allow the use of fonts hosted on their servers. Built like a linebacker, YWFT Burls is sturdy and impenetrable – a solid, dependable font that always has your back. You can consult your UI/UX expert to select a Google font for your particular business. This is a collection of the best handwriting fonts from Google Fonts. BoxTube Labs gives you a quintet of excellent sports-themed fonts, all of which fit into the same general area. Or, download and save it for upcoming designs. The BEST Halloween Fonts According to studies and articles on the topic of typography psychology, different fonts will create different associations of your brand or product. The BEST Summer Fonts. These have bold looks and strong colors to instantly draw the viewer’s attention. So how do you come up with a list of the best Google Fonts when so much of this is subjective? Have a closer look at this stunning font and see if you can use it in your current projects. These are the 40 best free web fonts available on Google Fonts, in my humble opinion. In this way, here in this post I have arranged a rundown of best free sport fonts that are helpful for your planning sports logos, sports publications and games business cards and so on. Many famous logos use custom typefaces, but they are often based on fonts that are prevalent throughout many areas of graphic design. Fonts with a chunky, masculine appearance, which can be used for sports teams, college t-shirts and things like that. Everyday updates! With bold and strong look that match with sports branding, this font very suitable use for baseball, hockey, basketball, etc. Google’s in-house Roboto is the most downloaded font on the Google Fonts website, and it’s not hard to see why. Freshman Font. Best Google Fonts Combinations for a Modern Website (Including Color Palettes!) This typeface is licensed as free for personal purposes, so make sure you use it accordingly. Alex Brush. This beautiful typeface was designed by the Fontry. Amazing Candal Font. The 10 Best Google Fonts in 2019 – According to the Wisdom of the Crowds. Top 20 Sports Website Templates and WordPress Themes, 30 Gorgeous Web Safe Fonts To Use With CSS, 20 Worst Fonts You WIll Definitely Want To Avoid, 20 Best UX Courses You Can Learn A Lot From, LESS Compilers | 20 Resources for LESS Web Developers, 4 Tips for Brands Looking to Hire a UX Designer, 12 Creative Illustrations Showing Work from Home, 19 Resources for Culturally Diverse Stock Photos, 5 Tips for Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments on Your Site in 2021, 12 Tips to Help Designers with Overnight Projects, 20+ Portfolio Website Templates for Architects, 20+ Portfolio Website Templates for Artists, Creative Resume Templates for Web Designers. What are the best Google Fonts? En; De; Fr; It; Es; Pt; Ru; Uk; Tr; Zh; Ja; Sv; No; Da; Id; Ms; Pl; Nl; El; Ko; Vi; Ar; He; Recent Fonts Top Fonts Designers Submit a font. Source: Google Fonts. Superstar M54 Font. The BEST Cursive Fonts. Are you working on a sports-related design project? Managed by Dumitru Brinzan. Including serif, sans-serif, slab or monospaced typefaces. This is a collection of handpicked modern handwriting and script fonts from Google Fonts. EDB Sweatin’ It Font Gym websites that focus less on strength and more on fitness might want to experiment with thinner fonts like Raleway, Playfair Display and Josefin Sans. The font is ready to be used for your sports related projects. Friday Night Lights. Applying a font is easy: just add a stylesheet link to your web page, then use the font in a CSS style.